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21.5" HP Elite L2201x LED Backlit LCD Monitor for $71.99

From Newegg

HP's ultra-thin Elite L2201x monitor folds flat, making it a sleek addition to hang on an office wall or surreptitiously slide under the door of a spy’s hotel suite. A 21.5-inch LED-backlit screen shows wide viewing angles and can display multiple connections at once. Its high-definition resolution with a 5,000:1 static contrast ratio shows off images and video with a true-to-life crispness and vibrancy normally reserved for an elephant’s memories, and the Energy Star rating assures users they are computing with less energy than standard monitors.-

Coupon Code: DSKBNCE23
Deal Posted at 05/06/2013
21.5HP Elite L2201x LED Backlit LCD Monitor
$249.00 $71.99  Free Shipping 


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